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I don't know, why, but suddenly one of the wikis, I had in my Featured Wikis list was overwritten by another one and I couldn't bring it back by pressing the return button on the lower left.

Specifially, the wiki, that wouldn't reappear was FNAF SMBX Wiki and I already thought, that it had been deleted!

Maybe, it will reappear in my list once I finish and post my first discussion comment, but it's still not fun at all!
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It still won't appear in my list.

If I can't make my wikis appear in the list for quick access, then the list is essentially useless to me...

I wonder, why they changed it?

In the past, I was always able to cycle through all of my wikis, but now I can only rely on my manually created list over at my user page.

What a bummer...

If you have this issue too, then feel free to contact me, so that I can share my code with you via a blog over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, where I'm way more active than here.
Oi! That's bad.

How am I supposed to visit mah EVO Wiki and Freddy's SM64O Wiki, if mah Favorite Wikis are gonna be gone?

Yeah! I'd love to have a wikitable for mah page, too!
It sure is!

Okay, I am going to make a blog over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia.

The wikitable over at my page is basically a modified version of the one we use over at KDZ Wikia's characters' card roulette-sections.
Thanks! That's really snazzy of ya!
No problem. You are always welcome!
Okay! Everything's ready!

Please check my latest blog (called "Favorite Wikis are gone") over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia for more information.
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