The Backstage is a location in the Five Nights at Freddy's SMBX series.

This room is immediately availble for visit after the animatronics have advanced to the Dining Area. The Backstage can be found at the very left side of the Dining Area and is clearly visible. Using the wooden doorway on the outside of its room will allow the animtronics to enter the Backstage.

The Backstage is the smallest room in Freddy's Pizza. It features three rows of shelves with animatronic replacement heads placed on them. In the middle of the room is also an empty table. The right side of the room features a security camera mounted onto a platform on top of a large, wooden column.

All animatronics, but Foxy are able to jump up to the camera.

The left side of the room features one of the secret orbs, which is easy to miss, but can be collected by all animatronics.


While the table seen in the middle of the room is meant for fixing up endoskeletons and animtronics, the table or the animatronic replacement heads can't be used ingame and are just for decoration.


Note, that these tracks came with Super Mario Brothers X and the creator of FNAF SMBX takes no credit for the music in this game. All credit for the ingame music goes to Nintendo.


The Backstage shares its overworld track with the Supply Closet.

In Version 1.0 of FNAF SMBX, it is still easy to make out the secret orb. This will change in the graphics update of Version 1.1, as the animatronic replacement heads will look more like their counterparts from the original FNAF than their cartoony Super Mario Brothers X default counterparts.