The Kitchen is a location in the Five Nights at Freddy's SMBX series.

It is immediately availble for visit after the animatronics have advanced to the Dining Area and found on the rightmost part of the Dining Area. From there, it looks like a mixture of a funny cartoon laboratory and an actual kitchen. The entryway of the Kitchen is made up of beige columns with a constantly rotating fan and clouds of steam on top of them.

The Kitchen itself is one of the largest room of Freddy's Pizza. (when not counting the Dining Area, which is more of a hallway)

Just as like with the outside, the inside of the Kitchen also looks like mixture of a funny cartoon laboratory and an actual kitchen. The Kitchen is all frozen over and slippery with even the walls sparkling as the light shines on them. The room is decorated with a large fan, two wooden stools, brown bags with fresh ingredients inside, a table with salad on it, two ovens with steam coming out on top of them, two more tables with the skeletal remains of a prepared animal and three more types of salad on them, as well as some sinks with water actively pouring out on top of them, a large fridge and a frozen over box holding icecubes.

The water coming out of the sinks and the fridge are so cold, that clouds of mist are floating above them. In the middle of the room's wall is also a small platform with windows and a security camera mounted onto it, but the camera doesn't work properly due to all the steam and cold mist, which have wrecked its electrical components, so while it moves, Mike Schmidt can't use it to monitor the animatronics.

On the left to the frozen over box holding icecubes is a secret orb, which can be easily reached by any animatronic, but is also very easy to miss, because it blends in well with its surroundings.


The Kitchen is the only room in Freddy's Pizza, that features slippery ground, causing the animatronics to slide around when they walk around it.

This also explains why Mike hears the animatronics making so much noise when they move around it.


Note, that these tracks came with Super Mario Brothers X and the creator of FNAF SMBX takes no credit for the music in this game. All credit for the ingame music goes to Nintendo.


The Kitchen shares its overworld track with the Show Stage.

In the original FNAF, it is impossible to see the Kitchen, but the player can still listen to the noise. In FNAF SMBX, it becomes obvious why the Kitchen camera doesn't work properly.