The Restrooms are a location in the Five Nights at Freddy's SMBX series.

Their preceeding room is immediately availble for visit after the animatronics have advanced to the Dining Area. They are found around the right side of the Dining Area, right next to the tables and are obviously marked by their doorway, which looks like the entrance to a public swimming pool.

The preceeding room itself looks like a common large, public restroom with dark tiles and windows decorating the walls. Right next to each gender's restroom entrance is a mask, which is meant to indicate which gender the restroom is for. The restrooms themselves can't be entered and there's a small platform with a security camera mounted onto it, that is used by Mike Schmidt to monitor any animatronics moving around the area.

Despite its large size for a public restroom, the Restrooms are only a medium sized area of Freddy's Pizza.

On the right of the Restrooms' preceeding room is a secret orb, which can be easily reached by any animatronic.


When viewing the Restrooms' entrance from the Dining Area, fresh water can be seen moving through the tube at the top and the seaweed-like flags on top are gently moved by the wind, that is blown over by the fans of the Kitchen rotating on the very right of the Dining Area.


Note, that these tracks came with Super Mario Brothers X and the creator of FNAF SMBX takes no credit for the music in this game. All credit for the ingame music goes to Nintendo.


The Restrooms share their overworld track with the Pirate Cove.

In Version 1.0 of FNAF SMBX, the Restrooms male and female masks are the same. The creator stated, that this is going to change in the graphics update Version 1.1.